So...You want to buy a house?

Introduction to Buying a Home

By Sara W.Peterson

Although the home buying process varies with each of our clients according to their specific needs, most transactions follow the general path that is laid-out here. We'll try to show you what the Sales Broker and their Agents are doing at the same time and how they affect the process.

The stress level of buying or selling a home is equivalent to the stress level of a death of a spouse or a divorce. This was determined in a study conducted by HUD where it was established that buying and selling houses was way up there on stressful events in families' lives. That study was performed back in the 80's. We imagine that if a duplicate study were performed today, it would probably break out the same way. There is even more paperwork today than there ever was back then along with more choices when it comes to loans. There is also a higher risk of some fool suing you than there was back then which helps explain why there is more paperwork now.

Over all though, there has been an increase in disclosure which allows the buyer to make a more informed decision. This has been of great benefit to the average home buyer. We have found that what many people hate most of all is being horn-swoggled. If they know what is going on from the very beginning and can make an informed judgment of their own, then they readily accept responsibility for the events that follow. What they don't like is not being told something that would have made a difference in how they saw things and how they approached the decision-making process. That's partly why being an exclusive buyers' agent has so much appeal to us. It allows us to secure all the information we can about a property and share it with you so that you can make informed intelligent decisions about the most important investment in your life.

The listing agents can't do that. They are obligated through the laws of agency to represent the sellers. What this means in reality is that it is their job to get the most money and best terms from you as they can for their sellers. There is nothing wrong with this. It is the way real estate has been conducted for years. But isn't it about time someone had your interests as the most important aspect of this transaction? Isn't it about time that your future was considered the most critical part of the transaction rather than just a charge to: "Deal fairly with Buyers."

Nothing is more emotional and more highly charged than purchasing the place where you are going to raise your family, put down roots in the community, become involved in schools and other civic organizations. And to make that decision without having an advocate is nothing short of foolhardy. It is in your best interests to be adequately represented in this, the most important of all financial investments for your family's well being. A time will come in the not too distant future where no knowledgeable consumer would even consider buying a home without this important representation. Be happy that you are at the forefront this time and that you have the vision to protect your family's interests in this way.

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