So...You want to buy a house?

Selection, You've Found It -- Maybe

By Sara W.Peterson

So we've narrowed it down... There are several areas that still need to be considered. Schools, crime, shopping, proximity to jobs and any other amenity that you consider to be important for your lifestyle and goals. Let's say that those criteria have been established and this house meets not only those basics but also your family's needs. We will complete an informal estimate of market value based on published data both in county records and the MLS data. We then verify the data with either the principles involved or their agents wherever possible. We put this data in a format that our clients have found very helpful and easy to understand using the criteria that you have established as being important in your decision making process. This will enable you to accurately evaluate the data and knowledgeably participate in the process.

Determinations then have to be made as to the price to offer, sellers' concessions if any to ask for, sellers' participation, if any to request, timing for close of escrow, what inspections to call for, who is to pay for what, and a whole myriad of other details. You can be as involved as you want. You can direct us to work up our best advice and then proceed from there or you can direct us to do exactly what you would like. We represent you, so you're in charge. Once we have put together a strategy, we will put it on paper. A good faith estimate of all the acquisition costs associated with the target house is finally assembled to let you see just where you are financially.

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