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Free Information and content for your web site!

- real estate content specifically designed to look like part of your own site -

For agents with framed sites, we've created a special "content" site that allows you to display loads of content -- and it looks like it is part of your site.


Clean Crisp Simple Design

Real Content - not "fluff"

Content Available for Free


You can't copy anything, but displaying the content in your "viewing" frame makes it look like part of your site.

  • Calculators

  • Home Buying Advice

  • Home Selling Advice

  • Mortgage Information

  • Credit Information

  • Real Estate & Mortgage Glossary

Coming Soon

  • Monthly Newsletter

  • Mortgage Q&A

  • Real Estate Q&A

  • A paid option that allows you to "brand" these pages with your own photo. logo, etc.

Example of how it works:

Check out to see how it fits easily into a web site.

How to Get the Content

All you have to do is create a link from your navigation frame to any of the pages listed below with the content.  It looks like it is part of your web site, not just an "add on" from another site.  The page addresses are listed below, along with the information that can be accessed by navigation from that page:

  • (Master Contents Page)

    • calculators

    • home buying advice & tutorial

    • home selling advice & information

    • mortgage advice & information

    • credit advice & information

    • real estate & mortgage glossary

  •  (Home Buying Advice)

    • This section was recently remodeled and is a step by step tutorial from "just thinking" about buying real estate through the point of writing the offer and getting it accepted.  Just click on "next" at the bottom of each page takes a potential homebuyer through the entire process.

  •  (Selling Advice)

    • at what price should I sell my home?

    • dangers of starting off with a sales price that is too high

    • preparing your house to sell

    • offering incentives when you sell

    • estimating your net proceeds

  • (Mortgage Info)

    • where does mortgage money come from?

    • different types of lenders

    • advantages of different types of lenders

    • things you need when you apply for a home loan

    • comprehensive closing costs explanation

    • the bi-weekly mortgage - who needs it?

    • no cost mortgages - when do they make sense?

    • COFI ARM explanation

  • (Credit Information)

    • contact information for credit bureaus

    • cleaning up your credit - how to do it

    • what's a FICO?

    • how FICO scoring affects mortgages - detailed explanation

  • (Glossary)

    • clearly written for easy understanding

    • clicking on the word takes the visitor to the definition

    • page by page alphabetical list also available 

  • (Calculators)

    • payment calculator

    • PITI calculator

Its Easy

All you have to do is link to one or more of the pages listed above and suddenly you have a content rich site that looks like it is part of your own site.


Last modified: November 08, 2005

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