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Award Criteria

Who we evaluate...
Only real estate related sites, primarily those directed toward consumers, though we do make exceptions.  There must be an "about" or "contact" page that gives the name, email address, postal address, and phone numbers of the principals behind the site.

What we are looking for...
We favor sites with on-site informative content and a willingness to link to outside sources of information.  Although we value newsletters, we want your site to have some additional content besides the newsletter.

Our negative biases...
Sites with music, required log-in for information, pop-under windows, lack of original content, sites that are more interested in 'selling' than informing, sites that 'disguise' their purpose, anonymous sites...

Awards Provided
We either provide no award, the "Award Winner" or the "Gold Award" -- they are not automatically provided.

Award Winner...
Shows an interest in informing real estate consumers, but most of the information comes from links to external sources of information that may or may not appear in a "viewing" frame -- but are not actually part of the site.

Gold Award...
A step above "Award Winner" and includes some original "on-site" content in addition to the criteria required for Award Winner.

Gold Award Winning Developers...
We've identified four web designers whose sites always seem to win the Gold Award -- Advanced Access, Number 1 Experts,, and iHouse2000 (if the music is turned off).

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Last modified: November 08, 2005

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