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Stars & Checks  
Please read this page and click on Details to learn about the Realtor Directory stars and checks.  Instructions for requesting a review of your site are below, but please read the "details" first.

The stars and checks make your link stand out and determine where you are listed in our Realtor Directory. 

Each directory page has four sections.  Sponsor links go at the top, followed by Official Members, then Free Members, then members that were part of our old directory but never updated.

Within each section, the more stars and checks you have, the higher you get listed. 

No one should attempt to earn all the stars as that is not the point.  The point is to provide you with choice on which stars you choose to earn.

Stars are free.  They reward sites for qualities things we find valuable, like loyalty, high link popularity, linking back to our site, having rich content, promoting an agent, and so on. 

Checks reward our paying customers and count the same as a star.  The only difference is that Official Members are listed higher than Free Members.  A Sponsor may be a free member or an Official Member.  Their sponsorship link still goes at the top of the page.

Important Note:  Except for sponsors and official members, we cannot automatically tell if you earn a star.  Review the "details" at the right and use the "contact us" button at the very bottom of the page to let us know if you need us to review your site and change your stars and checks.

Checks How to Earn
Sponsor Blue Check details
Official Member Black Check details
Newsletter and Content Red Check details
Stars How to Earn

high PageRank by google

Black details
agent site White Center details
gold award winner Gold details
Award Winner Steel details
site has links or resources page Red details
LinkPartner Orange details
links to Realtors in other states Green details
ranked in our Top 100 Blue details
High Loyalty Index Aqua details
site designed by a Super Preferred Partner Purple details
site designed by Preferred Partner Pink details
To request a review of a web site's stars:
1)  Be sure the site is listed in the Realtor Directory
2)  Read the "details" page listed above FIRST (please).
3)  Then click on the "contact us" link below.


Last modified: November 08, 2005

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