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Adding Your Link to the Realtor Directory
National Association of Realtors

You must be an NAR member to be listed in the Realtor Directory. 

One Web Site

You may only register one web site with our directory.

One Realtor per web site

You cannot register an unlimited number of Realtors for a web site.  One Realtor per web site. 

Unique Domains Only

A unique domain has a web site address in the format of  Subsidiary sites have a web site address like  Alias domains are in the format of  We are only seeking unique domains for our directory.  You can register one of the others, but it will eventually fall out of the directory.

Community Choices

We link only to local communities and you may choose up to four.  We don't want to list you everywhere you can serve -- only the areas you serve best.


Do not put a "regional" designation in the local community field.  Zip codes must be legitimate for that community, and since we want you to choose only areas you are "expert" in, we expect you to know the zip codes.


Note:  Some people are signing up and just including their county and no other community or zip code information.  If you do this, you will be in the directory but won't show up in any searches..

Standard Directory Listings - Free!

Standard Directory Listings have always been free in our directory.  There is no other site at our level that offers free listings in their directory.

Zip Code Sponsorship

Allows an agent to sponsor a zip code for a fee.


All database searches that turn up via that zip code or community search will show an expanded listing for the sponsor at the top of the page.


Only one sponsor per zip code.  If someone searches for a Realtor by zip code, only one sponsor will appear at the top of the page.  If someone searches by city name and there are two zip code sponsors within that city, then both sponsors will appear at the top of the page.

Ranking by Stars

The database system should return very few results for most inquiries.  The agent with the most stars will be ranked at the top, just below the zip code sponsor (provided there is one).  Agents with fewer stars will be at the bottom.


Agents who don't earn stars will eventually fall off the list for a specific community, unless there are no agents with stars listed for that particular community.


We don't "automatically" know when you've earned a star, so you need to write in and let us know so we can add your stars to your link profile.

Link and Profile Administration

Until you've earned a star, you will not be able to self-administer your links and profile after you sign up.  You will have to write to [email protected] to request changes.  Include as much information as you can, so we can find your listing in the directory.


Once you've earned a star, you can administer your own links by clicking on "Edit Your Profile" from the Professionals Page. 


We don't "automatically" know when you've earned a star, so you need to write in and let us know so we can add your stars to your link profile.

Ethics and the Directory

We're proud to include only NAR members in the directory because of your high standards, as exhibited in your published code of ethics.  However, just in case you notice any abuses or manipulation of the directory,  please report them to  [email protected].

Add Your Site

New members should sign up by  clicking here.


  Last modified: May 05, 2005

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