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Monthly Newsletter for Agent Web Sites

The content changes monthly, written by RealEstate ABC, and focuses on "real" information, not puff or fluff.  We write like a conscientious agent who cares about their clients.  You.

Your photo, logo, and personal information appear in the header at the top of the page.  Even our standard headers looks unique from one another.  After you sign up, the headers are totally customizable.

By using the newsletter, you provide potential clients with information on the current housing market, interest rate trends, question of the month, and hints and insights into the "real" world of real estate.

There are approximately 150 pages of additional content about home buying, selling, mortgage, credit, and a completely original real estate glossary.  There is also a lead-generating form called "Ask the Experts."

Once you sign up, you receive a confirmation email that includes information you need to know, especially your "administration page" where you can make changes.  Please visit that page and bookmark it as a favorite.

For information, visit the links to the left.  Use the "next" or "back" button to learn more.  When you're ready, click the signup button.

The cost is $149 per year.  This is a lower price than comparable programs.

We work with web developers in promoting the newsletter & content product.



Notes:  This is a sales-oriented newsletter.  It isn't filled up with "fluff" designed simply to take up space.  We handle real topics that come up from real buyers and sellers - and focus heavily on the agent's role in the transaction. It's inexpensive because we want you to use our service.