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These pages tell you how to create the Advanced Custom Banner for your content/newsletter pages.

Advanced Custom Banner

A "How To" Guide

This wasn't originally designed for users to work on themselves.  It was intended that web designers would handle it for you, and that is still what we recommend for most.

Generally, it requires that you be able to create your own pages and have at least a basic knowledge of HTML code.  A thorough knowledge of HTML code would be beneficial.


We have a quick tutorial set up that covers everything.


Click on the button or the title below.


 Start the Tutorial







The following pages provide guidance on creating the advanced custom banner, using HTML code instead of the traditional form.


Click on the red button to begin the tour.


Once you've gone through the tour, you can use the navigation below.

Step One   Find the confirmation email you received when signing up for the newsletter/content program.
Step Two Pull up your "admin" page and sign in, using your password.
Navigation Choose "custom banner" from the navigation menu
Radio Button   Click on the "custom banner" radio button
Input Code An "easy" solution - don't use tables
The "hard" way -- using HTML directly
The "easy" way -- create the header on a new page within your site.  Use code on this page (iframe) to make that header show up atop your newsletter/content.



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