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Articles written for Realtors who want to be successful on the internet.

Barbara Cox's Articles for RealEstate ABC
How to Select Your Web Site Designer and/or Web Host
Be Prepared:  What to Tell Your Web Developer
Realtor Internet Marketing:  What to Tell Web Visitors About Yourself
Naming the Baby (criteria and rules for choosing a domain name).
Making Your Web Site Work For You  (Read This!)
Real Estate is a "People Business"...Isn't it?
Michael Russer - Mr. Internet
How to Make Your Web Site Stand Out - Feb 2001
On-Line Transaction Management Systems - Jan. 2001
On-Line Surveys and Boosting Web Success - Dec. 2000
Branding Your Site Creates Identity and Differentiation - Nov. 2000
Evaluating "Secret Weapons" for On-Line Success - Oct. 2000
What Kind of Web Site Should You Get? - Sept. 2000
AOL Users Behind the Times? - Aug 2000
How to Improve Your Search Engine Results - Jul 2000
Rules of Engagement for Marketing the Internet Empowered Consumer - Jun 2000
Marketing Using E-Zines and Discussion Groups - May 2000
Marketing Your Listings and Yourself On-Line - Apr 2000
Solving Problems Sending Email Attachments - Mar 2000
Working with AOL web visitors - Feb 2000
The "Internet Empowered Consumer" - Jan 2000
Marketing Strategies, Dec '99
NAR's "e-Pro" Certification, Q&A,  Nov '99
On-Line Meetings, Q&A, and Tips, Oct '99
Bill Koelzer's Articles
Driving People to Your Site - Banners and Links Pay Off
Ten Top Tactics to Triple Transactions
How to Build a Successful Web Site
Is Your Web Site Sticky Enough?
Be Rambo or Xena Tough When Competing on the Web
Home Improvement Links Keep Web Visitors Coming Back
Delaying Your Internet Marketing May Be A Fatal Mistake
Are you settling for mere parity with your template web site?
How to Budget for the New Year's Web Marketing
How To Make Search Engines Find Your Web Page
Where Did You Promote Your Web Site Today?
When Is a Web Site Like a Hershey Bar?
How to Handle Buyer Email Inquiries
Basic Internet Hints to Save you Time (and Avoid Cursing)
Hemingway Could Write Great Email Messages
For Beginners:  Get a Web Site and Email For Free
Guest Columnists
Robyn England - The Life of a Web Site (four-part series)
   Part One - Preconception and Conception
   Part Two - Gestation and Birth
   Part Three - Infancy, Childhood, & Teenager
   Part Two - Adulthood, then...Death or Immortality?
Debbie Ferrari - How to Promote Yourself On-Line:  Start Locally, Expand Globally
Terry Light's Articles for RealEstate ABC
Linking and Search Engine Strategy - an article told through graphics
Next Generation Search Engines for Realtors
Creating Web Sites for Realtors

"Internet Marketing in Real Estate" (excerpts from the book)


by Barbara Cox, Ph.D. and William Koelzer, CBC, APR, published by Prentice Hall,� 2000.  

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  Read a review of the book by Bob Hunt.  click here.


Order the book from Amazon.com ($19.33)

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