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Internet Marketing Book Can Benefit Realtors

by Bob Hunt

Bob Hunt is a director of the California Association of Realtors and is president of the Southern California Multiple Listing Service.


Attention Realtors, buy this book:. "Internet Marketing in Real Estate," by Barbara Cox and William Koelzer. Don�t just buy it, read it. It could help your business immensely.  It also could help you overcome your apprehension about all that World Wide Web mumbo-jumbo.

Finally, it could help to free you from the intimidation of all those salespersons clad in guru�s clothing who conduct seminars and office meetings, touting the latest product or service that is claimed to be "essential" for your survival in the wild-and-wooly world of real estate in cyberspace.

It has been my good fortune to have an early look at this book, to be published by Prentice-Hall and due out within a couple of months.  The authors, not real estate practitioners themselves, are both spouses of web-enhanced Realtors in South Orange County.

They know whereof they speak, as both are active providers of Internet related services to Realtors, and they have both had the combat photographer�s up-close view of real estate in the trenches. Their target audience will find the book both practical and appropriately written.

"Internet Marketing in Real Estate" consists of five parts:

  • "Creating and Building Your Internet Presence: Your Web Site"

  • "Getting Found" (the all-important section)

  • "Effective E-mail"

  • "Time to Get Started" (developing tasks, time-lines, and a budget)

  • Appendices

No technical expertise is presumed on the part of the reader. Each part that deals with Internet and marketing related concepts begins with a friendly "learning the language" section. A great deal of effort is made to explain to the reader, in plain language aided with illustrations, how things work in the initially mysterious world of Web sites, search engines, keywords, and meta-tags.

Textbook-like, "Internet Marketing in Real Estate" starts its sections with "the basics" and then develops the concepts that have been introduced. Sections end with exercises that encourage the reader to put hi/her new knowledge to work.

The book also integrates related topics that are not Internet specific. Chapter 1 of Part 1 could be titled "Real Estate Marketing 101." It is important toward understanding Internet marketing concepts but that is because it is basic to marketing per se. Parts of the "effective e-mail" section are straight out of basic composition. They are highly relevant.

"Internet Marketing in Real Estate" doesn�t deal with all the issues that bear discussing. No book does. For example, the authors do not engage the serious questions that can be asked vis-�-vis the relative effectiveness of dollars and time spent on Internet marketing as opposed to other kinds of marketing. That is not their purpose.

When confronted with a new marketing medium, a businessperson (real estate or otherwise) must always ask the question, "If I adopt this, what will I stop doing that I am doing now?" (If the task � or the dollars � represents an addition to present efforts, rather than a replacement, then presumably it replaces something we were doing or spending in our non-business lives.)

To the credit of Cox and Koelzer, they present with great clarity the tasks and range of costs associated with various levels of involvement in Internet marketing. They provide the real estate businessperson with the information that will enable him or her to make an informed decision about this medium.

For those who have already decided that they want to make an effort at Internet marketing, the Cox and Koelzer book will provide an invaluable tool. Even the sales-focused agent who leaves the details to his marketing people and technical assistants will want this book � to give to them to read.


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Order the book from Amazon.com ($19.33)


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