About RealEstateABC

RealEstateABC.com was started in March 1998 with the goal of providing a site that candidly informs homebuyers and home sellers about the real world of real estate, without puff, hype or sensationalism. We want to help consumers with insight into how things really work with straightforward analysis of market trends and "how to" guides.

This philosophy applies to all the resources on our site, including the Agent Directory and the Home Values tool. Most Agent Directories focus on having the greatest number of agents, but we want the best. So we continually work to put the most informative agents in the directory and we list the agents in the geographies where they are experts. Our Home Values tool helps consumers with the central mystery of buying or selling a home, "what is it worth?" By providing an ABC Value �, an estimate of value of the selected property based on recent home sales, the consumer has a starting point which they can refine further based on their knowledge of the specific property and by working with a local market expert, a real estate agent.

We've been gratified by the response to RealEstateABC.com from consumers and real estate professionals:

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