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Freelance Library
The people who know real estate best are those who work in it every day.  The Freelance Library is a place to display your expertise and get another link to your web site.

What we're looking for...
Realize that we are a real estate information site, so articles that would be appropriate for scanning on a local agent real estate site don't always work here - and we've probably already covered that subject anyway.  We're looking for detailed articles about very specific aspects of real estate.

What we're not looking floor...
Self-promotion, publicity releases, fluff, short lists of tips, and very general articles. You should review the libraries to see what we've covered already. 

Unless you are a professional author, we will probably edit your piece -- not changing the intent or content -- just helping it to fit the style of the web site.  Sometimes the editing is very light - sometimes very heavy.

Reprint Rights...
If we use your article on the site, we also reserve the right to use it in future email newsletters, print media, and licensing agreements -- always identifying you properly as the author.  If we use you as a "guest author" in the new newsletter content site, we may not be able to link to you for the month that it appears, but you will still be identified as the author and you will still have the link from the main site where your article will continue to appear.

Writing Credits...
You will always be identified as the author.

We link to you at the top and bottom of each page of the article, and include a short statement that tells where you work.

Submitting Articles...
Send them to [email protected].  You can send them as a Microsoft Word attachment or whatever other program you use (be sure to tell us the name of the program), or you can submit articles already located on the web by providing the web page address.

Last modified: November 08, 2005

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