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Who should you link to?
Genuine sources of real estate information, sites that link back to you, and sites that reward you for linking to them by "enhancing" your links on their own pages.

What do we (and you) get out of it?
Our statistics show that less than one percent of visitors who see a link to our site - whether graphic or text - actually click on it - but we do benefit in two ways.  Because so many sites now link to us, that one percent represents a sizable amount of new visitors.  The graphic and text links also build our link popularity, which helps search engine performance.  The more visitors we get from search engines, the more visitors we have to send to you.

How to Link to us?

Links Page site has links or resources page
Usually the last page your web visitor stops when they prepare to exit your site.

Text Link site has links or resources page
Text links can be placed on either a "links" page - or any page that applies.

Top 100 ranked in our Top 100
The Top 100 is an automatic reciprocal link relationship.

Gold Award gold award winner
Displaying an award on your home page helps build our link popularity and brand identity.  Your site has to earn the Gold Award, of course.

LinkFavorite LinkPartner
Demonstrates your partnership in our networking relationship.

Last modified: November 08, 2005

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