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Your Search Engine Optimization


We redesigned the directory with YOUR search engine optimization in mind.  Search engines can sense HTML pages more easily than database pages.  By moving the primary directory to HTML pages, it is easier for Google and other search engines to sense backlinks from our pages to yours.  Since members get four links in our directory this helps your Link Popularity, PageRank, and your search engine performance.


Even though it is better for you in the long run, it does create some inconvenience because new members don't immediately show up in the HTML version of the directory, nor do edits or changes.  The new focus on SEO creates a lot more work for us, and why the directory no long accepts new guests (free members).



New Members, Edits and Changes


New Members show up immediately in the Database

The database directory is reached via the pulldown menu in the upper right of the "Find an Agent" pages.


New Members DO NOT show up immediately in HTML

HTML pages are updated during the first week of the month, and sometimes more often.  So do not expect your new entry to show up immediately on the HTML (click-thru) version of the directory.  It will show up immediately in the database.


Upgrades, edits, changes, etc.

These also show up immediately in the database, but not in the HTML pages.  Please be patient.



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