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Service Areas - How to Complete

Four Local Communities


You probably service more areas, but we only want to display you in those areas you service BEST - because we want a quality directory.  So we make you choose.


Spelling & Capital Letters


Please spell correctly.  Capitalize the first letter of proper nouns and only the first letter.  Do not use ALL CAPS.


One Community for Each Field


You may only enter one community name in each community field.  Don't try to jam it up with multiple entries.  The same thing goes for the zip code field.


No Regional Listings


You have to choose a city, village, town, local community, or a neighborhood within that community.  No regional names or counties.  You do get four local communities.  Rural agents should pick the closest community.


Zip Codes


You must input a zip code that goes with that city, and you may only list one zip code in that space. 




We encourage you to use the zip code box on the directory page to see which zip codes are under-represented in your chosen community.


Listing a Community More Than Once


If a city has multiple zip codes, you may list it more than once.  We encourage this because some people do use the zip code drop down button.



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