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Once we finish this section, the listed price on our site will be $149.  Our support pages indicate that if someone chooses the custom header instead of the standard header (which is still unique from site to site) that they should contact their web developer, who will probably charge for this service.

As a member of the developer program, you have a choice: 

Choice 1:  offer the program at $99, undercutting our price by $50 and passing the savings on to your clients. In that case, you can have access to a payment page we will create - or we can bill you monthly and you can handle the billing of your clients, perhaps including it in your web site setup costs.

Choice 2:   offer the program at a price of your choosing.  In that case, you will be responsible for billing your clients (or making it part of your web site setup costs) and we will bill you monthly.

Note:  prices may change in the future -- we don't know.  As time goes on, we'll probably continue to add bells and whistles or increase the amount of content we offer.  If so, we reserve the right to adjust the price.  However, we are a lean company and keep our overhead small - so we think we'll always be a price leader in this area.