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Custom Header




There are no limits with a custom header.  You can have pictures, photos, navigation, or whatever you would like.

We did not intend for customers to create custom headers themselves, because it is not simple.  However, If you design your own pages using a program like FrontPage or something similar, and have at least a minimum of HTML knowledge, you probably have enough knowledge to create your own custom header. 

Our intention was that your web designer create the custom header because they have the knowledge to do so, though they will charge additional for this service.

If you want us to create a custom header for you:

  • Sign up first, get your confirmation email  and set up your site's links to the content.

  • Then contact us and ask us to create a custom header for you.

  • This is an additional service and time-consuming.  Therefore, we charge an additional fee to create a custom header that has the look and feel of your web site.

If you need help::  Visit our contact page.  Phone calls are welcome.