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Create a Custom Header using I-Frames

Step 1 - Create the Header

  • Create a new page on your web site

  • Create a header on that page that is no wider than 650 pixels

Step 2 - Navigate to Your Admin Pages

  • Visit any of your content & newsletter pages

  • click on the "lock" graphic at the very bottom of the page

  • that takes you to your "admin" sign in page - type in your password

  • that takes you to a new page - click on "custom header"

  • that takes you to the custom header page

  • An example of the custom header page is below

Step 3 - Adding the HTML code for your header

  • click the radio button that says, "custom header"

  • ignore all the other instructions in the sample

  • copy the html code in the lower box, replacing the sample URL with the one where your header is located

  • click the "update" button

Step 4 - Make Adjustments

  • View your newsletter page

  • if you need to make changes, navigate back to the "Create Custom Banner" page

  • adjust the height in the HTML code so that your header fully displays

  • Adjust the width so that your header properly displays and does not disrupt the newsletter

Note about LINKS from your header:

  • When you create links in your header, they have to be for the "Whole Page" - otherwise, only the top part (the i-frame) will transfer to the new page.  The rest of the page will stay the same.

  • Any links in your header should be "absolute" links, meaning you should include the entire URL, beginning with the http://




Create Custom Banner

Note This function is designed for advanced users who want to add HTML code instead of using Real Estate ABC's standard banner. If you are not HTML programmer or do not feel comfortable to write HTML code, please click "Cancel" button to go back to the main menu. 
  Standard Banner       Custom Banner
Background Color:   Enter background color code (ex., #FFFFFF for white)

 Use Color Palette for Internet-safe color codes or
click to create a background color

Alignment   Center   Left  
Upload a picture for banner  Upload from hard drive:
To add the uploaded picture as your banner:
1. Select "Custom Banner"
2. Copy the following HTML code to the box below
    <a href=  target="_parent">
    <img src=
Please add HTML code to the following box. Absolute reference links (starting with http://) is required for IMG tag.