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Cool Online Web Management Tools



How Many of your Pages are Indexed by Google?

Visit Google, find the search window and enter what follows - site:yoursite.com inurl:yoursite.com  -  replacing "yoursite.com" (in both places with your own web site address). You will find out how many of your website's pages are currently indexed by Google and which pages..



Who's Been Copying Your Pages?



Just enter your page that you think has been copied.  Copyscape will use Google's search engine to find matches to anything on your page.  Then you fire off a nasty email threatening legal action (or whatever) and watch them first become indignant (then squirm, hopefully).  Of course, they never copied it themselves - it was always someone else.



Search Engine Rankings


Google Ranking Check

Enter your search term and your web site/page.  Find out where you would come up on Google (provided you are in the Top 1000 sites).  It saves you having to search through pages and pages if you're not listed in the top results.


Yahoo Ranking Check

Enter your search term and your web site/page.  Find out where you would come up on Yahoo (provided you are in the Top 1000 sites).  It saves you having to search through pages and pages if you're not listed in the top results.


Yahoo - Google Comparison

Enter a search engine keyword and it displays the Yahoo Search engine results with the Google search engine rank right next to it.


Mike's Multi-Search Engine Ranking Check

Type in your URL and your search term .  Choose what search engines you want to check (up to seven search engines and three directories).  Click "check rankings" and view your results.


SnakeT Multi-Search Engine Ranking Check

Type in your search term.  On the bottom half of the screen, find your site in Google's return, then highlight it.  The top shows about 10 search engines and the green ball will be where you rank on each search engine (if you are in the Top 25, anyway.  It's cool.

Search Engine Scanner

Enter your site and four competitors, along with up to five keywords you would like to search, and the results show you where you and the sites show up in the major search engines.


Marketleap Keyword Search Results

Enter your URL and a keyword you want to check.  The results show search engines where you show up in the first three pages - and where you don't.


Google Dance Tool

Did your Google search engine performance suddenly go "wacky?"  Maybe Google is currently "dancing," which means they are doing an adjustment.  This tool can tell you where you are currently placed on the different Google servers.



Link Popularity Check


Marketleap LInk Popularity Check

Enter your URL and up to three competitors, then select "real estate" as your category in the drop-down menu.  Find out how you rank, not only among those competitors, but among various other sites involved with real estate.


Link Popularity Check by WebPosition

Checks the number of links to your web site for three search engines and compares it to three competitors you name, presenting the information in a graph format.


UptimeBot LInk Popularity Check

This tool tells you how many sites link to you (according to six search engines), plus your Google information about PageRank, sites linking to you, total pages indexed, and how many times your page is mentioned on web pages.


Mike's LInk Popularity Check

This is pretty cool.  You have to scroll down the page a little and find the "Submission Form" - then enter your URL.  It creates a link popularity report on a new page, but this is the cool part - you go back, enter another URL,  and the new report compares the results with the last one - so you can compare yourself and up to four competitors.


Widexl Link Popularity Check

Checks the number of links to a specific web page (as indexed by several search engines) and compares it with two competitors you name.


CGI Biz Link Popularity Check

Checks the number of pages linking to a specific web page as indexed by three search engines at a time.



PageRank - WebRank


Proogle - Google Search Engine Results with Page Rank

Enter a search engine term and Google's search engine results are returned - with PageRank.  Good for finding sites with high Page Rank to link to for your particular favorite keywords.  May be up only temporarily.


KeyWord PageRank Finder

Enter a keyword and a PageRank, then this tool searches Google for pages of that PageRank or higher.  The tool may help you find sites you want to get links from that have high PageRank.


Multiple PageRank Finder

List up to 25 of your web site's URLs to find out their PageRanks.  Or list URLs from other web sites, too. 


Yahoo WebRank Checker

The higher the number, the better.  Very similar to Google's PageRank.


PageRank Predictor

Predicts what your Google PageRank might be after the next update.  Doesn't appear to be a totally reliable tool.



Keyword & Search Term Suggestions


Digital Point Keyword Suggestion Tool

Covers Google and Overture - enter a search phrase or word, click enter, and this tool not only suggests key search terms but tells you how many times they are searched in an average day.


Overture Search Term Suggestions

Same as above, except it covers only Overture, but it tells you how many times the search term was used for the previous month. "Real Estate" was searched 2,866,837 times on Overture during March 2004 according to this tool.





Download Time Checker

Plug in your web page and click enter.  It tells you how quickly your page downloads for users on dialup, wideband, etc.


Whois by Network Solutions

Do you ever wonder who owns some of those "anonymous" web sites?  WhoIs will tell you (most of the time).  Sometimes you have to switch to a different registrar and sometimes the owner has paid an extra five bucks for privacy




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